Norm is now focusing almost entirely on house concerts along with his wife Lee. The duo is called Mr. and Mrs. Strauss. You can just click on the name to find out more. 


As the first tones filled the room with warmth, the text and music of this Canadian musician went straight to the heart. Some people were smiling, many were moved to tears. 
Lisa Klaus-Spektrum Leben Magazine Germany. 

Masterful Musicianship
Gilli Moon-SongsAlive Los Angeles

Authentic and from the heart
Grenchener Daily News (Switzerland)

You will find out how spiritual music can be. 
 Pep Estrada-Vamp Club Palma Mallorca

Great entertainment. Super Music. Pure Emotion. 
Bettina Knauer-Max 30 Augsberg Germany

.. Draws the audience into what is much more than just a music concert.
LudwigsburgerKulturKeller, Ludwigsburg Germany

Enthusiastic listeners were treated to a evening of inspiration and warmth from the Canadian musician. Vielen Dank for an incomparable evening with a musican of the highest class. 
Marcus Mike Stelz, Mike's Music Store, "The Acoustic Lounge"

"Norm's intelligent songwriting style and intricate capabilities as a guitar player and all around musician shine through in his words, music, and especially his live performance. One of my favorites, a must see!" - Angus Wilson. Legacy Guitar and Coffee house Cochrane Alberta.