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The Church of The Sensitive Hearts-Norm Strauss- all rights reserved


Everyone's welcome at the Church for the Sensitive of heart
Where even a sad song, can be a sing-a-long for a whole congregation
A room full of strangers, but you know that's a good place to start
So bring your best melody, your heart-felt soliloquy and we'll all join in

Sometimes a song will swing, as wide as a drunkards punch
Sometimes it rings out true like a church choir on a Sunday morn
Oh God graces, the kind of places where redemption can start
The Church of the Sensitive Hearts

She's been joining the faithful every Tuesday night now for over a year
She comes with that old guitar, so she can let down her guard just for a moment

She's got a song about a heartache, with a chorus that will bring you to your tears
she wrote the words down last Sunday, chords came on Monday in time for this world debut

Sometimes the song slips in, like a ghost in the old church tower
Sometimes it burns down deep like revival coming to your soul

Chorus 2:
Oh you can find salvation at the strangest location, like an old corner bar
Cause it's the Church the of the Sensitive heart

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